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Big Boi’s Divorce Reveals Wife found pictures of Andre 3000 Naked in His Phone.



UPDATE:  Not sure if this is true, but enjoy the entertainment. You know how gossip goes.

According to “The whole world wondering where Andre 3k been …just check Big Boi’s phone. He’s right there, naked.” said Sherlita M. Patton at a deposition early Wednesday morning after allegedly finding explicit photos of the “Hey Ya” singer in her husbands phone.

Sherlita decided to file for divorce from rapper Big Boi real name Antwon Patton after 11 years of marriage on October 3rd citing that it was “irretrievably broken” according to Huffington Post. The deposition held this morning was to finalize there decision to legally separate where Sherlita’s sister came along for moral support.

“So you mean to tell me he’s gay AND has a tiny–weird penis. I’ma need him to pick a struggle” - Sherlita’s Sister

Sherlita who is a big hip hop fan herself also feels for the fans who want more music saying “you might see an Outkast p0rn0 before you’ll see another album”.


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